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Premier: Cannes in the Cinéfondation (France)

Norwich Film Festival - Winner of Best Student Film (UK)

Shooting People: New Shoots - Overall Best Short Film Winner (UK)

Aesthetica Film Festival (York)

Bucheon International Animation Festival (South Korea)

Princeton Independent Film Festival (USA)

Warsaw Animation Festival (Poland)

British Shorts Berlin (Germany)

The Smalls (UK)

Premier Plans (France)

This is England (France)

Pendance Film Festival (Canada)

3D Wire (Spain)

28th Madrid Film Festival FCM-PNR (Spain)

Short Sounds Festival (UK) - Winner of Best Sound Design

Still Voices Short Film Festival (Ireland)

Social World Film Festival (Italy)

Akbank Short Film Festival (Turkey)

Stop-motion OurFest (Argentina)

Cambridge Watersprite (UK) - Best Production Design Nominee and Winner of Best Sound Design

Golden Reel Awards (USA) - Best Sound Design Nominee


living roomC copy.jpg

Solar Plexus

Director: David McShane

Producer: Paida Mutonono

Cinematographer: Lily Grimes

Production Designer: Qingling Zhang


Noah has not accepted the death of his mother, an astronaut. In order to move on, he must break that which still connects them.


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